Mercy Park Association of Galveston

Mercy Park Association of Galveston

Since 2005, We, The Divine Mercy’s messengers, outreach Jesus’ mercy to others.  In 2017 we outgrew the Mercy Park to for the annual celebration. The Celebration of The Divine Mercy Sunday Mass and Devotions were moved to Texas’ Historical St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica-Galveston on The Divine Mercy’s Sunday after Easter having received the City of Galveston Mayor’s Proclamation!

Also “Our Lady of Fatima“ is celebrated at the regular Sunday 12:30 Mass prior to October 13th “The Miracle of the Sun” of Portugal, Fatima!

WELCOME to All interested in joining us!

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Where to find us

Holy Family Parish

Find one of us 6 Churches on the Galveston/Bolivar Peninsula area.