Galveston Catholic Young Adults

Officers:  Annette Denton, Melissa Brodman

Leadership Team: Matthew Brodman, Justin Luna, Patti Fennesy, and Paul Leary

Meeting Details: Every Tuesday at 7 or 7:30 pm (unless otherwise noted). Locations vary depending on the event (St. Patrick’s for Adoration,  the beach for a Rosary, a local brewery for Catholic Trivia, etc.). Event details are posted on the Facebook page as an event as well as through our Google Calendar.

Our Mission: A community of young adults (18-39) who enable, embolden, and encourage one other’s active relationship with our faith, our Parish and our Holy Church.

We meet every Tuesday to share faith and fellowship with our peers. Events vary week to week and include (but are not limited to): monthly Adoration, Catholic Trivia, Doctrine on Draft, Feast for Priests, guest speakers, and potlucks. Just a great little community on this big-little island that is always, always open to new members! Also a great resource for finding an insight into young adult events throughout the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese, as well as local service opportunities within this happy Parish of Holy Family.

Website: or
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Contact: Melissa at (281) 961-2054
Where to find us

Holy Family Parish

Find one of us 6 Churches on the Galveston/Bolivar Peninsula area.