HFP Liturgy

Liturgy is the public work of the faithful on behalf of the church. Not only does the Holy Mass fullil Christ’s command to remember and make present our Savior’s Perfect Sacrifice, it is also the manner in which we meet God as a family of faith in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. In the scriptures, St. Paul reminds us how it is vitally important that Christians not only pray in private, but also gather together publicly (as a community) to offer our worship to God. Liturgy is a carrying out of our duties as a priestly people. It is joining together with Christ to make sacrifice on behalf of the Church, offering our prayers and supplications with Jesus before the Father.

There are many ways that volunteers contribute to make our liturgies for God beautiful through art, music, word, and service.  If you see an area you would like to contribute, you can contact our liturgist, Jonathan Wright:

Jonathan Wright, HFP Director of Liturgical Music

409-762-9646 Ext. 113

Altar Servers- Adults and children who have received their first communion (and are at least in the third grade), are able to draw near the Lord’s altar during the celebration of the holy mysteries. Whether by carrying the processional cross, holding the missal for the presider, or serving in various ways during the Eucharistic Prayer, altar servers promote reverance toward God by their careful attention to the sacred at the holy liturgies.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion- must be confirmed and practicing Catholics. They are appointed to assist the clergy in the guarding and distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful at Holy Mass. They can also be called upon to assist with homebound ministry to help bring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to the sick or elderly who are unable to join us at Mass.

Greeters- The Lord appoints those with a cheerful disposition to assist in welcoming his children when they come to Church. This area of hospitalty is a rewarding ministry of joyful encounter and a great opportunity to meet Christ in his people.

Music- St. Augustine says singing is like praying twice. The scriptures show us that in both heaven and earth, God loves music. If you are blessed with vocal or instrumental talents consider joining the music ministry as a cantor, choir member, or instrumentalist. You can also contribute financially to support the upkeep of instruments and sound equipment. 

Lectors- contribute to liturgies by prayerfully and clearly announcing the Word of God to the Church at Holy Mass and other sacred celebrations. 

Sacristans- assist the priests in setting up for Mass for Sundays, Weekdays, Holy Days of Obligation and other liturgical celebrations in the Parish such as funerals and weddings.

Ushers- serve in a ministry of hospitality by helping hand out bulletins, assist people finding seats, and collect charitable contributions which help to provide for the needs of the local church and the upkeep of facilities.


All volunteers are required to complete the Safe Haven training program.

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