Faith Formation


  1. Faith Formation. Our faith formation this year is home-schooled with a textbook, resources, curriculum and Assessments. At Home catechesis allows families to be active in learning and growing in their faith in their homes following the same curriculum used for our Religious Education classes in our parish. Children will be given “Finding God’ a Loyola Press book. Parents and guardians have access to online lesson planning through Loyola press website, Once the 5 units have been completed, the child is to do a sectional assessment and submit to the class Catechist email, Faith Formation email address, or drop it off at the parish office.

    The faith formation office is located on the second floor of the parish office at 1010 35th Street, Galveston, TX 77550.

    For more information contact:
    Director of Religious Education:
    Sr. Betty Kalu, HHCJ
    409.762.9646 Ext. 202

    Youth Minister (Junior High and High School):
    Monica Desmond
    409.762.9646 Ext. 201

    Bilingual Relious Education Program Assistant:
    Debbie Nichols
    409.762.9646 Ext. 203

  2. Sacramental Preparation. First Holy communion takes two years of preparation. To begin preparation, the child must be at least in 1st Grade and enrolled in and attending religious education at Holy Family parish or a catholic school. The student must be in at least 2nd grade in order to receive First Holy Communion. Older students who are yet to do the First Holy Communion are encouraged to fill the form at the period of registration. Our sacramental prep is family based and compulsory. It is done on the following days, for English, 1st Sunday of the month. Spanish, every second Thursday of the month.  A copy of baptismal certificate is required at the time of registration. Each child will receive a printed prayer which the child, with the help of the parent, will learn and recite by heart. Parents please don’t forget to pray with your child so as to learn to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Ensure also that your child is fulfilling their Sunday Obligation by attending Mass either at the church or online. Lastly, there are three compulsory retreats to be attended by the parent and child. They are Reconciliation Retreat, the Eucharistic Retreat, and the final retreat before the celebration.
  3. RCIA Adults. Becoming a Catholic involves both learning about the Faith and living it. For each person it is a unique, personal journey. The most important thing about this journey is conversion, that is coming to faith in God through a relationship with Jesus Christ and committing oneself to live as he taught us, with the help of the Holy Spirit. The Church recognises that the way to becoming a Christian is not one size fits all. So the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a program under which the Church welcomes adults seeking any of the following sacraments of full communion in the Catholic Faith: Baptism, Eucharist or Confirmation. The teachings take place every Tuesday of the month.
  4. The RCIA –Children. Rite of Christian Initiation adapted for children is a two (2) year program in Holy Family Parish. This is intended for children, not baptised as infants, who have attained the age of reason and are of Catechetical age. For first years, this takes place every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. For second years it takes place every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at the Parish Life Center. A calendar of events for the whole year is given at the Orientation.
  5. Adult Confirmation. Confirmation is a completion of Baptism, a sealing with the Spirit to enable the Christian to witness to his /her Faith in a mature way. This sacrament endows the recipients “with special strength” and obliges them “to spread and defend the Faith both by word and deeds as true witnesses of Christ. Due to the ongoing pandemic, adult confirmation is suspended in the Archdiocese of Galveston- Houston.  We intend to Start proximate lesson in January 2021. Adults who have not been confirm are encouraged to register at Faith Formation office. Lessons will be every Thursday of the week.
  6. Middle School Youth Group The faith formation program changes to a new experience for students when they reach the 6th-8th It transitions from a textbook style of learning to a more conversational group style of learning. These meetings are to help students with the transition into the high school youth group and discuss more difficult and abstract topics of the faith. This group has already started meeting every other week (due to the pandemic) and will continue this model until at least December. The next meeting is on October 4th in the St. Patrick’s Life Center at 11am, after the 10 am Mass and end at 12pm, before the noon Spanish Mass. This year the students will be exploring the person of Jesus Christ and who He truly is in our lives.
  7. High School Youth Group/Confirmation Prep The faith formation of the high schoolers is done in a conversational group style to encourage discussion about the faith. This group is a requirement for the reception of Confirmation because this sacrament involves a basic knowledge and understanding of the truths of the Catholic faith. Typically, those in 9th and 10th grade attend the youth group regularly and then in 11th grade, begin more focused preparation for the reception of the sacrament. The high school youth group has not begun meeting this semester, but will begin on a Sunday in mid-October, and more information will be communicated soon. The curriculum this semester will involve discussions about Jesus Christ and what being His follower means for our lives today.
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